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Meet the team

David Gladding


David signed for a professional football club at the age of eleven and had dreams of becoming the next Kevin Keegan - that will show his age! Due to a serious injury, that career was cut short and David found himself selling in the retail industry to earn a living. It wasn't until he joined a very large telecommunications company that his leadership qualities were soon recognised and David was "fast tracked" through to become a General Sales Manager, managing a team of 1200 sales people across the south of England. David has since held several senior sales roles primarily in the IT and Telecoms industrie's with his last role as VP of global sales for a large US based Telecommunications business.

David says, "I have been in sales now for some thirty years, which counts for very little other than I have made a great deal of mistakes. Sales is like a hobby for me; I have spent a great deal of my career trying to understand in more detail what it is that really drives the behaviour of sales people; basically I have been left scratching my head on too many occasions. Hopefully now we can answer some of those questions."

David co-founded genome in March 2011. "I wanted to produce something that could assist sales leaders to identify sales talent, nurture and develop that talent in order to deliver more predictable sales results; I think we have done that with genome".

Gareth Bloomfield MBPS MSc Psychologist

Gareth has rich range of experience to draw from. Amongst these he has worked as a blacksmith, a Royal Marine, a Police Detective and as an assistant psychologist within the NHS. He has raced for GB in the world indoor rowing championships in Boston and recently began his work up to swimming the channel by swimming from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight.  What he has recognised in these very different environments is how attitudes and beliefs are every bit as important as technique, fitness, knowledge and skills in driving his and other peoples' performance.

Gareth says that meeting Simon Toy, 'the mind and soul behind Performance Associates PA' changed his life.....literally! Within two years of that fateful day and after some intense training, he found himself delivering Performance Associates performance psychology workshops around the world and taking his Masters in Experimental Psychology. Gareth says it has been a fascinating journey and keeps alive his dreams of opening up new opportunities for himself and those he trains and coaches.

James Mullineaux


A proactive and 'think outside the box' techie who has built up IT services in every business that I have been involved in.

Winner of the 'Entrepreneur of the year' whilst at college, I was destined to not be stuck in a 9-5 desk job. Moving from IT support into web programming and finally able to get out of hard work when offered the position of IT Director at genome - yeah, I fell for it!

Proven team player and cool under pressure. Dreams of working from the mobile office - a boat sailing around the Med!

Dave Gladding Snr

I.T. Support Technician.

Margaret Potter

Following a mad-cap career within the pharmaceutical industry, from being at the coal face, to selecting the miners, to leading the troops on a national level, Margaret joined Performance Associates in 2002.

She is passionate about performance and success through motivated, committed, happy employees.

She specialises in tripping potential clients up whilst Simon sits on them, or vice-versa.

Simon Toy

Simon has sold, trained, and managed salespeople in UK blue-chip organisations. He has also recruited and trained sales forces in Eastern Europe for an international security company and in the UK for a small IT company.

His passion for performance psychology was born out of his involvement in national level sport (don't ask him which sports please), where he realised the key role of attitude in achieving superior performance.

His mum thinks he's great and so do his kids.

Ipad Compatable


What is it that drives and maintains exemplary performance?

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