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A unique online psychological assessment programme which utilises the six scientifically proven competencies known to drive superior sales performance.

From our comprehensive research and subsequent analysis of over 350,000 sales people globally, covering a wide range of industries along with over 420 published and referenced articles, our understanding of what psychologies drive sales behaviour is proving to be remarkably accurate. These results, together with over 60 years of combined experience in managing sales staff, have provided us with significant evidence of the key drivers which deliver and maintain high quality sales performance.

The DNA product, is a comprehensive psychological assessment that measures over 200 known key drivers which appear in the top 4% of sales professionals globally. DNA is specifically aimed at the sales function therefore able to establish very detailed analysis from the individual which has proven to be over 95% accurate when predicting current and future performance levels. These predictions resulted from individuals conducting the online programme without the need of time consuming, costly face-to-face meetings.

Our belief is that sales psychological drivers and skills exist in all sales personnel in varying levels. Our objective is to show how they can be accessed and then fully exploited in order to improve sales performance. We believe the psychology, as well as the sales skills can be trained with the assessment providing a detailed "training needs analysis" bespoke to the assessor so relevant training can be applied for maximum effect.

The DNA product alleviates the waste of time and money spent on many generic training programs delivered in a classroom environment where neither the individual needs nor learning styles are covered effectively.

On completion of the assessment an automated report is produced showing in detail the outcome against the core competencies. This is shown in a variety of ways and can be tailored to the need of the business but covers the average score of the top 4% globally, peer group, team, industry or company. Whichever is chosen, it will remain the basis of any additional assessing and all future reports will show where improvements have occurred and to what degree.

This data is then processed through the unique M.A.T.C.H. programme which produces a bespoke training programme for the individual sales professional.



A unique process where an online, automated bespoke training program is produced based on the detailed analysis of our DNA assessment.

Six core competencies, sixty five sub competencies and over 200 key drivers are represented in the DNA programme. All have been assigned a unique identifier so that based on the scores of the individual, only the most relevant training modules are assigned. This ensures that the recipient receives extremely well targeted training modules specific to their needs, which are directly linked to the known scientifically based competencies that drive superior performance.

Individual online reports show clearly where training needs have been identified; explanations and descriptions are provided for how and what will be conducted in order to help the end users improve their own performance in the "real" working environment. As the online training sessions are completed, reference will be made in real time to the original levels achieved, therefore guiding all users through the learning experience and highlighting where additional learning needs to take place.

As the system is competency based it forms a great basis for on-going 'one to ones' and appraisal programs.



Research has proven that retention of information starts to deteriorate after twenty minutes, so why is it that long drawn out training programs still exist today? If you consider that it has been scientifically proven that people's requirement for learning varies dramatically and that we all have significantly different learning styles it is no wonder that traditional training programs are more often than not ineffective.

Unlike most "traditional" trainers and training programs, the Mentor programme does not disappear at the end of the day.

The Mentor programme is designed to deliver regular online training programmes. Individuals will receive short, regular sessions accurately aligned with their own specific needs based on the scientifically proven core selling competencies. Training sessions will often be no longer that twenty minutes a week with each session designed to be full of relevant information, key learning points and fun. All training is delivered through a series of online media. Users may be asked to watch a live or pre-recorded classroom session, attend a webinar or even read a relevant article or book. After each Mentor session, an automatic prompt will request the individual verify their learning experience through a series of questions relevant to the course. The individual will be asked to provide information on what immediate changes will be made in order to positively influence their own performance in the work place. This will provide an immediate "action plan" which can be used for on-going mentoring and measurement.

Only when improvement is achieved will the training sessions be complete, users will be asked to reassess when not achieving minimum levels of improvement.

All sessions are accurately recorded and 'real time' online reports provide specific data showing:

  • What training needs have been identified.
  • Why the training is required.
  • What training has been completed.
  • How individuals performed.
  • Comparisons against the original assessment.
  • Ongoing improvement plans with ongoing action plans.

This gives every organisation 'real time' feedback on their investment.

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