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PA-genome Product News

PA-genome have carried out an intensive in-depth survey with our clients and the interesting results have led us to introduce some exciting new innovations to our already feature packed ‘Sales Training and Mentoring’ product.

 News from genome

PA-genome have moved into a new office.

The new office is located in Waterlooville Portsmouth Hants and now incorporates 'performanceassociates' our Management and Coaching side of the company.

The office is situated close to the A3 and M27 and has private parking space for our clients.


genome launches in Australia.

PA-genome are delighted to be able to offer our unique on-line sales benchmarking and development programme to all sales professionals in the Australasian region.

“Recently partnering with David Clarke has enabled us to provide a local presence in Australia with a product expert who also has extensive experience in recruiting and retaining high performing sales professionals. We are very confident that business in Australia will soon see the many benefits of our products just as many happy customers have in the UK” said David Gladding Director and Co- Founder of PA-genome

 "I am genuinely excited to be a part of the pa-genome group. Having spent my entire career in sales working across a number of industries and with small business to global powerhouses I have seen a huge difference in sales people performance. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have had some really great sales based training. However it was typically based around a particular sales methodology and was always delivered in a one too many environment where the capability and performance of one sales person differed greatly from the person they sat next to. What excites me about the pa-genome solution is that it was developed from a staggering amount of research on sales people globally. Understanding the psychological make-up of a top performer and the key traits all top performers have has enabled pa-genome to develop bespoke training thereby addressing that individuals requirements. In an ever changing market where performance and retention of sales professionals is paramount to the success of the organisation the pa-genome solution has proven that it drives increased sales performance and therefore increased retention". David Clarke Partner of PA-genome

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'PA-genome is a great performance management tool. It provides in real time a quick, detailed and accurate overview and analysis of our sales team’s strengths, skills and areas for improvement’. ‘It has enabled us to align training more effectively and accurately focus upon specific areas for coaching and development’.

Farida Sollitt M.B.A
Training Manager Urgo Medical

 News from genome

PA-genome have increased their staff level.

PA-genome have increased their team with the appointment of Dave Gladding Snr as I.T. support technician to meet the demands of our increasing customer base.

 News from genome

Why is good citizenship important?

A big part of good citizenship is about good social interaction. As humans we are sociable creatures. Instinctively we interact with others who are just like us. Through that interaction we seek friendship, fun, security and in turn we even increase our chances of survival.

There is little doubt that we have survived as a species because we are able to group together and work well with each other.

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 News from genome

Gareth Bloomfield-Psychologist-shows  that there is significantly more  to creating a winning sales  performer than just sales  skills

It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify, recruit and retain high- performing sales staff. We’ve seen many sales staff over the years who have been successful in other areas but have not succeeded in a new environment or with a different company. This raised a series of questions, the most vexing of which was: “What is it that makes an exemplary salesperson?”

So we resolved to undertake research to try to come up with an answer. We conducted analysis of over 350,000 sales staff worldwide and examined in excess of 400 published articles on the subject and believe we have identified six core competencies (and 48 sub-competencies) that give the make-up (what we call the ‘DNA’) of a successful salesperson.

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