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What is it that drives and maintains exemplary sales performance?

What we do know is that it usually starts with having the right people, in the right place, at the right time; this however, is easier said than done!

Training is deemed essential, how else can we improve? Often in times of challenge it's seen as an expensive exercise to take sales people away from their key activities and more often than not, impossible to measure and difficult to justify the effectiveness of their training. However, there is a cost effective way to deliver higher quality training on a far more regular basis, which will guarantee improvement whilst monitoring and measuring performance.

genome is designed to support all sales functions in achieving their goals by providing a unique online sales improvement programme that works on an individual level and is supported by scientific facts.

It's no secret that sales is a very complex process and managing sales people through this process is even more demanding. We believe the unravelling of these secrets has helped us create a unique set of products which will de-mystify the psychology behind sales performance and provide practical tools enabling sales people to perform at their peak.

genome provides an online set of tools created by collating information taken from over 350,000 data points enabling us to fully understand the psychological make-up or DNA, of what drives the top 4% of sales people globally. Through this analysis, we have identified six core competencies; these competencies appeared in every case of the top 4% of sales professionals globally where scoring was significantly above average. Through continued and extensive research looking specifically at the psychology behind these six competencies, we devised up to sixty five key contributing drivers or sub competencies which are essential in order to achieve superior sales performance.

Based on our scientific findings, genome's online assessment programme DNA identifies within the individual where their current strengths and weaknesses lie and develops a bespoke training programme using our unique MATCH process. Individuals are then taken through a series of online training programmes tailored specifically to the needs of the sales professional. All training sessions are online, occurring on a regular basis, providing short, sharp periods of time using tools such as audio, video and web conferencing. Thus allowing the sales individual to continue selling whilst their training takes place in "sales down time". Real time reports are produced in order to track performance and realign the training accordingly in order to obtain maximum effect. Through our unique mentoring programme continued learning takes place and sales professionals benefit from tailored training sessions that play to known areas of weakness, therefore having greater impact. Online real time reports show areas of improvement as they are tracked against the individual's original assessment.

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What is it that drives and maintains exemplary performance?

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